‘Your Final Authority’ By Pastor Joel

Paul the Apostle told the Romans not to be patterned after this world’s mould (Romans 12 v 2), but to be transformed by the Word, not conformed to the world.

Information affects your mind, but revelation affects your heart and voice. Revelation is holy information that is unlocked by God’s Word. 

Smith Wigglesworth said: “Through the lips divine utterance flow, our hearts rejoice & our tongue is glad its an inward power within which is manifested in outward expression”.

God has no double standard, His Word can be trusted, He doesn’t say one thing today and something else tomorrow! He changes not, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Carry the attitude that says: “If God said it, that settles it in my life…. if I believe it”.

Ensure God’s Word is the foundation of all aspects of your life, because when you make His Word your final authority, it will stabilise you and make you confident whilst others around you are confused! You’ll be peaceful when others are under pressure. You’ll be overcoming when others are enduring and being overcome. 

When His Word is your final authority, you believe in your heart what God says instead of what people say! God’s say is final in your life, not others.

Kenneth E. Hagin said: “Thinking faith thoughts and speaking faith words will lead the heart out of defeat and into total victory”.

If you have ever wondered how you will see change, the key is your change of mind. Your life will not change until your mind changes. Once your mind is renewed to God’s Word; your life begins to be patterned after the image that is in your mind, because the mind is the decision maker.

Proverbs 22 v 17 (AMPC): ““Listen carefully and hear the words of the wise, And apply your mind to my knowledge”. verse 18: “For it will be pleasant if you keep them in mind [incorporating them as guiding principles]; Let them be ready on your lips [to guide and strengthen yourself and others]”. verse 19: “So that your trust (belief, reliance, support, and confidence) may be in the Lord, I have made known these things to you today, even to you”.