Impact YTH is the youth movement of Faith Life. Currently, taking place at our Manchester Location, we meet after the Worship for a time growing in The Word of God, having fun making friends and of course enjoying our great space!

Impact YTH takes places every Sunday straight after the Worship, except on the last Sunday of the month where they enjoy the main event.

This Generation will encounter God and become an IMPACT!

What goes on...

Monthly iGroup Bible Study

Impact YTH meet every month for Bible Study in our split age groups. This online study takes place on the first three Thursdays in the month with each age group joining in once a month.

Please email us for more details and get your child involved!

Impact YTH Boys/Girls

Once a quarter the boys get together and once a quarter the girls get together. Each group meet up for some conversation, moments of fun and mentoring.

We believe every boy and girl needs input and a safe place to meet with their friends but also to receive discipleship and support.

Email for more details!