‘Faith In The Blood’

DAY 73

By Pastor Joel

The Blood of Jesus not only silences the devil but also silences the voice of self-condemnation too! Be quick to repent, quick to forgive and quick to believe.

Romans 3 v 25, declares “….through faith in His blood, we are righteous….”.

Many have left the blood out of their faith confessions. But if you are going to have ever increasing faith in the blood of Jesus this year, you need to have a bold confession of faith in what the blood of Jesus has done for you. Your faith must be in the realities of what Jesus’ blood in heaven has purchased and what His blood does on the inside of you.

His blood has granted you access in to God’s presence: Hebrews 10 v 19: “enter the Holiest by the blood…”.

The moment you access God’s presence, you also give God access to every single part of your life and any situation you need His help. You are not trying to get healing, you have literally accessed ‘The Healer’. You are not trying to get the provision required, you have accessed ‘The Provider’ Jehovah Jirah.

Exercise your ‘right of access’ and draw closer and closer to The Father with your child-like faith. Have unshakable assurance that God is eager to receive you! Don’t let feelings of guilt because of the past and any sense of unworthiness rob you of the power of Jesus’ blood!

You are not under the shadow of sin, you are under God’s spout where His glorious grace is being poured out. You don’t need to ask anyone to put in a good word for you when they go and pray!

No body has greater access to God The Father, nobody can get closer to God than you can. As God’s ‘blood bought children’, we have been brought near to Himself! Have faith in His Blood.