We Are Moving Forward!

Church on the MOVE!

This Sunday we are welcoming you to church! We want to encourage everyone to come as we expect Jesus to heal, save and refresh! If you know someone who would want to come let them know!

We will have team members who are prepared to help you safetly welcome you into the building. We have systems in place so can come and enjoy God’s presence!

Everyone is welcome! Bring your whole family! Households must stay together as per government guidelines. Adults must keep their children with them.

Seat booking is open until Saturday midnight when it will close. You must register to reserve a seat in advance as we will be following government guidance to monitor track and trace. The seating will arranged so that family groups can safetly social distance.

There is no children’s ministry but we want them to be there! Please keep them with your family group as we worship and enjoy the Word!

A member of the Welcome Team will be available to assist with instructions.

The service will continue to be streamed online on www.faithlifecentre.com/live.

*If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have been around someone who has please do not come to the church building, please contact our office by email prayer@faithlifecentre.com.