Life Track

Discover your purpose

Life Track guides you to discover your God-given purpose and live the FULL life God created for you. Life Track consists of three steps that will equip you to connect with the church, discover your purpose and serve others.


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Where: Faith Life Conference Room
TIme: 12PM On Sundays


Explore the ministry of FaithLife Centre, and find out how to connect with our church. Step One happens the first Sunday of every month.

Discover your personality type and spiritual gift. See how they indicate your purpose in life and your best fit at FaithLife Centre. Step Two happens the second Sunday of every month.
Find opportunities to serve at FaithLife Centre with your gifts and live out your purpose by serving others. At this step we will give you an orientation of the teams you can get involved in and a change to meet the Team Leaders. Step Three happens directly after Step Two on the second Sunday of every month