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Deeper Still



Noon Prayer Monday 6th – Friday 10th of March

After a wonderful time of noon prayer throughout January we knew that we had to press deeper still. The vision Word for this year is ‘Deeper’, and we know that we won’t go higher, until we go deeper! So we’re pressing forward in prayer, and taking the first week of every month, throughout the year 2017 to have noon prayer.

We were so encouraged by all the people joining with us, whether in person, or online, for noon prayer throughout January, as so, we will continue to make this link available, and open up for main auditorium every day, Monday – Friday, in the first week of each month.

As a church we know we would not be where we are if it wasn’t for the Word, His Spirit, and prayer. Prayer provides the track on which we will eventually run. We have this sense in our heart that it is time for the church to go DEEPER and get into His FLOW (Ezekiel 47).  His presence is what we need, it changes everything – His presence will make the difference for you this year.

We meet at the church and you are welcome to come and join us. If however you are unable to join us in person, you can still participate by phone or wifi as detailed below (or follow the ‘link’ for further instructions) to join the live prayer conference call.

  • By Phone – Dial-in Number:   0330 998 1259   Access Code: 271874             

Please be aware this call will use your minutes on a mobile – if you have unlimited minutes the call will be free.

We are having an amazing time with God together! Remember – prayer taps into the limitless source available to us – momentum is on our side!

For more information follow this link!

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