About Us

Our Vision:

To see Faith Life Centre as an established, effective and influential Word and Spirit-Filled church in the heart of Manchester, spreading wide and impacting the city, the nation, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The foundation of our church and what we stand on and for is the Word of God, it’s what we’ll always preach from and always come back to. We put a strong emphasis on the Holy Spirit – the ‘Life’ in our name comes from our relationship with God and we follow and look to the Holy Spirit in our services and in our lives.

At Faith Life we are all about loving God, loving one another and loving life! The church is made up of all age groups, nationalities, and backgrounds. We are a coat of many colours and welcome you to join us whoever you are and however you feel.

For us it’s about relationships!

The most important relationship you will ever have is with God, which we emphasize and develop in worship, study and prayer.

The second most important relationships are with family! We aim to build our relationships, friendships and connections within the church family and wider community.

We are a growing church and as we develop we are adding ministries to support and follow the direction the Lord is taking us. It’s an exciting journey and we hope to meet you soon along the way!